It’s so amazing seeing so much Sterek artwork around. Just like old times :’)

With a lot of help from Jared and the audience, Jensen attempts to send out his first tweet. Let’s just say that Twitter wins this round (x).


I know we all have our interpretations about what happens on Teen Wolf, but I don’t think Posey ever actually watches the show. Or reads the scripts. Or has ever watched any other TV that wasn’t, say, a sports docu.

No matter what you might think about the remaining quality of TW, no matter…


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I don't really understand why you like Malia. I personally really don't like her character, at first I found the thought of her appealing, but now I almost hate her. I don't find her character interesting, nor is her storyline. My problem with her is that she doesn't seem to have any story outside Stiles.... (but it doesn't help that I don't think Shellys acting the best either.)









she does have a story outside stiles but she doesn’t want you to see it

that’s the point, when you do meta for teen wolf the first step is to shove scott out of the way, because naratively he’s like one of those precocious kids going look at me look at me

when you remove stiles from malia’s story it becomes interesting. where is her father? why does he appearance coincide with jennifer’s first sacrifice, why is she lying about control? how did she manage the full shift? why is she always the one to find the important clues?

as a character she’s refreshing, she appears to be perfectly honest and surface based but is as shifty as peter

that’s wonderful to see, it’s nice to see an evil queen who isn’t just malicious or cruel, she’s playing a role

now i don’t know much about shelly’s acting because i haven’t seen her in anything else, but there are so many things that are interesting about malia, and she’s fun because she is so clearly inhuman, but none of that denies the fact she’s a great big enigma, or that she’s most probably evil

but being evil doesn’t stop her being on the side of the pack, it’s not good vs evil remember, but them vs us, and even a boyscout like parrish can be them if the line is put in the right place

"why did he appearance coincide with jennifer’s first sacrifice?"

Not to hijack your thread here, guys, but this ^ struck me suddenly as relevant.

Sacrifices, in Celtic (and other mythology), from what I can remember are about giving that power to a god. (Was it canon that Jennifer’s sacrifices were intended to power up a god, or did I read that in meta somewhere?) There’s every chance the power was intended for the Nemeton, but I’m finding it very interesting that we’ve only heard about La Loba and the Desert Wolf after said sacrifices. (I’ve seen meta suggesting both of them are/could be deities. I don’t know enough about mythology so I’m just assuming the meta is right on that score. There’s enough evidence of gods existing in this ‘verse to support the theory, but I’m too tired and forgetful right now to really go into it.)

Anyway, my point is to agree that Malia’s introduction has interesting timing. (Did we see her before the mojito sacrifice? I don’t think we did? GDI my brain is fried.) Assuming I’m not just cocking up the entire canon timeline in my head right now, then she didn’t show up until after the Nemeton got that power boost. I’m…not really sure where I’m going with that, though.

I like Malia, though, as a character. I took a while to warm up to her, and I don’t ship Stalia (there’s something about their relationship that feels squicky to me; it reminds me of Derek and Jennifer. There’s an overall dubconny feel to their interactions a lot of the time: their first kiss being under the influence of Void/Nogitsune and emotional stress, Stiles’ lies (we learned in S1 from Allison and Scott that even well-intentioned lies damage a relationship), the way Stiles “trapped” her both in that room and with his embrace, plus neither of them seem particularly truthful to each other; Stiles seems more interested in “fixing” her than dating her, and Malia seems aggressively possessive of him if the scratches on his back are anything to go by… I think we’re supposed to question their relationship, though, the same way we were meant to question Derek and Jennifer (and Derek and Braeden). And there are so many things about Malia that scream Not Right (how did she survive being gutted by a (presumed) Berserker? Twice?) and so many things that make her interesting. I love that she’s unapologetically self-centred. She’s growing, or at least getting better at “pretending”. She’s sassy (and that gets me every damn time). She may or may not be evil; I can’t tell because she’s funny and quirky and has this wide-eyed innocent confused face, and she’s socially inept (just like me). She’s also a perfect mirror for Stiles’ own self-centredness. Like, he’s courageous and heroic but only for people he cares about, everyone else be damned, and I find it immensely interesting that she’s basically learned that from him (because she’s helping the McCall pack, now, or pretending to, and she wouldn’t have gone to any of that effort when she first joined them except maybe for Stiles’ personal, immediate benefit). I’m just charmed all to hell by her.

I do wish they would explore her story more, but we had this same issue with Erica, Isaac, Boyd and basically anyone not in Scott’s inner circle (and even they tend to get short-shrifted). If it’s true that Jeff has said TW is plot-driven rather than character, then I can see why he’d dump some of the stuff we want to see in favour of moving the plot along…except he’s made some really shitty filming choices (slowwwww mooooo) that cost us scenes we would have preferred and that would have driven his plot along much faster/better. There’s also something to be said for what cupidsbow says about TW being an open text: Jeff might be deliberately leaving backstory open to interpretation. He gave us the bare bones of Boyd’s guilt and let us run off with it into the sunset of fandom to play with at our leisure. (It’s the same reason I can understand why Jeff hasn’t given us funerals for them. Allison keeps getting a mention because she was the protagonist’s first love. Scott didn’t have much to do with Boyd or Erica, so their deaths don’t mean much to him beyond “people died in my city”, and the story tends to skip bits that aren’t relevant to Scott. I am really annoyed that Isaac’s gone without a note, though (aside from one brief, passing glimpse of the red helmet. We haven’t seen hide nor hair of Isaac since 3b and the symbolism of that scene — of passing the Red Helmet of Bro-dom to Liam — completely passed me by until I saw cupidsbow talking about it). Like, what, Chris just left him in France all on his own? As far as we know, Chris killed Isaac and dumped the body at the airport but Scott just assumes Isaac’s fine — but there, again, we might be meant to consider it an oddity* because Scott’s naivete is going to get them all killed sooner or later).

I saw Shelley in Secret Circle and her character then was the straight-up righteous type. Different enough from Malia for me to say she’s not a bad actress. I’m more inclined to think the shadiness is deliberate.

* I can’t tell if I’m being a Jeff Davis apologist or if the “open text” thing is valid. Is it possible to be both? I vacillate on any given day between “this means something” and “omg this is shitty writing”.

Something about this suddenly makes my brain say “ohhhhhhh no Malia is actually a personification of the Nemeton ITSELF, and her morality is not only not human, its not animal either. Its fucking TREE morality!” and then I sat back and just blinked at my brain for a while. 

OMG…that makes so much sense! Nature’s morality is neutral, after all. Also… it really really gives interesting symbolism to Stiles and Malia having sex — feeds a different, arguably more powerful, energy to the Nemeton (especially if Stiles is as strong as he appears). Also, Malia appeared after Peter killed Jennifer/Julia at the Nemeton… A quick sidenote, it was pointed out to me that the name similarity between Talia and Malia may not be coincidence…

Oooooh. That’s like woah.

Though I have to say the idea of Stiles sexing up a facsimile of Talia both squicks me out (because sterek) and makes me giggle because it would be further proof that he’s Halenip. XD

As far as we can tell Malia appeared before Peter killed Jennifer, her appearance coincides with Heather’s murder - ie the first sacrifice and the unleashing of the fireflies

now there is a very interesting note in the bestiary


first of all look at the roots on the firefly page, they are feeding through skulls, that’s in contrast to the rather bland description of the tree itself

but here’s the wording on the fireflies

When these insects emerge from a nemeton they gain the ability to spark life and control whomever, supernatural or human, they crawl inside of.

The fireflies were important enough to actually be an episode title, and we know they created the Oni when Noshiko went to the nemeton, so what did they do the first time - when Jennifer killed Heather.

That’s my theory on where Malia came from.

I got it into my head Malia didn’t show up until 3b, whoops. (And damn, I must get me that bestiary if only for the art…)

she didn’t physically, but her “dad” talks about how for the last few weeks he’s had a coyote problem, not for the last few years but specifically weeks

it’s davis being sneaky







This was a total Big Damn Heroes moment :D



and then there’s Strax

All I want in life is for these three to get their own show.

You mean… this look?  (x)


Derek’s got nothing right? No teeth or claws, he’s human. But he still sees himself as a werewolf.

And there’s this kid, and these people and they’re all lost and feeling hopless, right? Kinda like Derek is feeling, yeah? Cuz they’ve lost everything and Derek’s lost everything…






Pictures of Chris Pratt and his son, Jack are really cute :3

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